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Packing List for your Mexico Vacation

Packing List for your Mexico Vacation

I am not a professional traveler by any means, but I certainly have done my fair share of traveling and regretting not having certain things. So, being that I am FINALLY going on a trip with JUST my husband for 5 days, I am going to share my MUST PACKS for the trip! This applies mostly to a vacation that is adults only - so I am not considering kiddos here. 

Dress is SHEIN - and is $10!!

Dress is SHEIN - and is $10!!

1. IT Cosmetics CC Cream - it goes on easy, it is SPF 50, and you want low maintenance coverage. Easy as that.

2. SUNSCREEN in general! When you get to a resort, it is like $20 per can. I like Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 100. Yes I wear SPF 100. I will get into it with you if you try to tell me that it's cool to wear oil and you're OK with burning. Melanoma is personal to me. So, SPF 100 it is.

3. BRING A BEACH TOWEL! Yes, hotels have towels, but you could be that awkward person not knowing if it is OK to bring it with you to the beach, or if you go on any excursions, it is best to have your own! 

4. Waterproof Mascara. Do I need to explain why?

5. A book. Actually let your mind rest... read something you can INDULGE in. Not something that makes you geared up. Romance novels are good for this!

6. Beach hat. Sunglasses are great, but hats are awesome because you don't have to squint or be in just the right position to avoid the sun. It makes reading way easier too. PRO PACKING TIP: Put all of your swimsuits IN your hat and tuck it upside down in your bag surrounded with other items so it doesn't "crunch" in travel.

7. A Kimono. These are AWESOME cover ups because they are ZERO maintenance. I hate when clothes get wet or you are wet and have to put on a romper or a dress - etc. Kimonos are so easy and you can wear them at night, or with jeans and a tank during the day. They are so easy effortless and cute. Sheer ones work as lingerie... they're versatile. You get the picture.

8. Leave in conditioner. Your hair will take a beating so putting SOMETHING on it after you get out of the shower helps protect it. Especially before you get in chlorine. 

9. SLIDE style sandals. Nothing is more annoying than trying to buckle your sandals after you've been on the beach and you're trying to go back in to your hotel room. Save the time, bring the slides.

10. Hair serum. If you're actually trying to style your hair in the heat and humidity, you'll definitely need it!

11. Tube top bralettes / bralettes in general. Every cute outfit I’ve found this year for the resort type vacation is so revealing so add some coverage with a bralette. The Free People ones are my favorite.

12. Portable phone charger. Need I say more.

13. Wireless head phones. These are nice for when you're reading in the sun, who wants a tan line with a earphone cord?

14. A straw tote. This keeps sand from staying in it! There is rhyme to the reason!

15. Sandals that DO buckle for any boat excursions. Also with grippy bottoms!

Here are some of the items that I am loving NOW that I am bringing to Mexico! This is basically a list of essentials for any beach vacation - so you are dressed from day to night. 


High Waisted Swimsuit

One Piece Swimsuit

Two Piece Outfit

Wrap Skirt <-- Mine is similar to this one. HOW CUTE IS THIS.


Maxi Dress

Wedges OK maybe I am not bringing these. But I would if it wasn't crazy how much I am buying to wear for four days. I love these. Get them.

Cropped Tank <-- This. Goes. With. Everything!

Dressy Sandals

Liquid Lip Stain <-- this is the BEST ONE you will EVER USE! Sorry LipSense.

Cutoff Shorts

Travel Tee

Workout Outfit Shorts and Tanks

Flip Flops

Day Dress

Lounge Dress

Effortless Cover Up/Dress Duo



Definitely bringing this little number with me! the brand is LUSH 😍 I got it at a boutique and legit couldn’t find it online 😱

I hope you got some inspiration for your upcoming trip - and I will be posting photos of it all from Mexico! Cheers!

Thanks for reading,


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