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Blonde alert: Hair products & tips I live by

Blonde alert: Hair products & tips I live by

Being a [bleach] blonde isn't hard. Being a blonde with hair that actually grows and looks healthy is a bit hard! I have done a lot of different things over the years to get my hair to grow and be healthy so I am going to share my favorite products and a few tips for you. 

All outfit details linked in the bottom of this post

All outfit details linked in the bottom of this post

Keep the brass away

Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel color treatment and wash are the BEST products I have used to keep my hair from being that brassy/orange tint with time. You have to buy it at a salon (BEWARE OF ONLINE SHOPPING FOR THIS - THERE ARE FAKES/DUPES). Here is the salon finder if you want to go purchase...

Strengthen during the color process

Find a salon that uses Olaplex in the coloring process! This has changed the game for me. My hair does not seem fried or dry or damaged after processing for hours with bleach, and my ends have never been healthier. Basically this is an "add-on" within the color process that helps keep your hair healthy and keeps it from damaging. You'd have to ask an expert or read about how it really works on the website, but it is amazing. I have been doing it for about 6 months and the difference is HUGE.

Prevent build up / protect your scalp

Nikki R Blog-0033.jpg

Do you ever notice that you just washed your hair but it feels greasy? I find that is typically from build up of the same shampoo and conditioner with time. I use the Maxi.Wash by Kevin Murphy for this because it makes my hair feel brand new and so fresh. I use this about every 3rd wash! It also really helps my scalp - I have a very dry scalp and it constantly itches but this truly seems to help.

Wear it wavy without the frizz

If you have thick wavy / curly hair and hate the gel or hairspray look, this is an awesome option. I typically look like Mrs. Frizz when I just let my hair dry naturally. Yes, I have VERY wavy hair naturally and despite the photos it is actually very thick. You may see a theme here, but the Kevin Murphy Smooth.Again is my ride or die product for when I am in a hurry and want to go au naturale. It makes my hair look SOOO good - but careful, don't put a lot toward your roots!

Don't wash it every day

I know this is easier said than done especially if you work out. But, don't wash your hair every day! I find the easiest way to stick to this is:

Nikki R Blog-0046.jpg
  • Wear it straight on day one, not a lot of heat processing.
  • Then on day two, use Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER so that you can re-style it. Even if you straightened your hair on day one, you will be able to do whatever you want to it after using DOO.OVER. The stuff is amazing, I promise. Use Batiste dry shampoo on your roots around your face if it is greasy. I use Batiste, then DOO.OVER, then I brush my hair, then use a curling iron. I usually curl it on day 2.
  • On day three, I usually brush it out, use both products again, re-curl anything that looks tragic, and then put it up. 
  • If I am really busy that week I will go a FOURTH day and put it in a bun after using Batiste around my face in my roots. That is rare though, usually 3 days is my best hair and my max due to my dry scalp!

Don't process the ends

I never curl or straighten the ends of my hair. Ever. I always leave about 1.5-2 inches out of the curling iron or stop straightening at that point! This will keep your ends way healthier. Use a blow dryer with a round brush or flat brush on cool for the ends too. 

Use a hair clip / scrunchie over a thin elastic hair tie

To keep my hair from breaking, I use a hair clip daily when I don't wear it up to keep it out of my face rather than pulling it back with a hair tie. I know, the 80's called and they want their hair back. But I really don't care... it lessens the damage and serves the purpose of keeping my hair out of my face so I can get sh&t done. It also doesn't kink your hair, so that is cool.

What you put in your body matters.

This is something people don't touch on enough! I drink Shakeology (and NO I do not sell it) because I find that my nails and hair just simply grow faster when I drink it. It is probably because of the folic acid and biotin in it - but either way... this is a staple to my hair growth. 

As far as hair goes... those are my tips! I am sure you have a good amount too, so please share below if you have anything to add! I always love hearing about new products.

Thanks for reading,


Outfit details: Blonde Sweatshirt | Jean Shorts | Jumper | Bralette | One Shoulder Top

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