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Early May Outfit Roundup

Early May Outfit Roundup

Happy Taurus Season! I have so many outfits to link so bare with me. I’ll be putting them online in groups of three to save time - I need a system for this so in the meantime, please have a bit of patience with me! Simply click on the item type to view the item online.

Basic Dress for Under $20

basic dress.png
  • Dress / Brand: H&M - Comes in 4 Colors and is SO cute!
  • Shoes / Brand: Rebels - They're actually a dark green! Love these.

Black Dress and Black Sandal


Cinco De Mayo


 Olive Green Casual Outfit

  •  Top / Brand: Project Social T
  • Shorts / Brand: OneXTEASPOON
  • Sandals (BEST PURCHASE & $22!!) / Brand: Lulus

Gingham Style

  • Top / Brand: Altar’d State - could not find this online. It’s a simple boatneck sweater with high side slits!
  • Shorts / Brand: Gap
  • Flats / Brand:  A New Day (Target

Later this week I will post three more! If you have any questions about any of the styles / fits / etc, let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram and I’ll help you out the best that I can! 




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