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March Posts & Style Roundup

March Posts & Style Roundup

It is almost April! I am soooo excited about. The Winter to Spring transition is my favorite because I hate having to keep a car scraper and a full length down jacket on call 24/7. The Colorado life surely chose me but I promise I did not choose it, or at least it's unpredictable weather!

I promise I would round up everything from my March posts so here it is for you by post! If you have any specific questions leave a comment and I will be happy to share additional info!


Sunglasses ON SALE! Tote/Bag You can get this customized for free too! Although you spend an arm and a leg first... V Neck (I only find the exact style in black now but there are many newer variations, it is called the Love Tee) Sweatpants: These run small... these are a large and actually they are a bit TOO fitted. Definitely not that cute if you size up either with how they are cut. So, I like them with something around my waist but they are NOT the most comfy loungers definitely a good travel option though. They don't have them anymore but here is a similar style that looks SUPER cute. BEST LUGGAGE EVER Away, so lightweight and I cannot fill the thing no matter how hard I try. I need to do a whole post on this bag it is that amazing. The scrunchy that never stretches out - you need this.


Tee shirt I got this at Nordstrom  WHICH IS MY SECOND HOME but it is sold out! So I found it on the manufacturer's site. They have a ton of other cute graphic tees too.


Sweater This was a well worth it splurge. I wear this sweater ALL. THE. TIME. Jeans These are actually really old but I love them and the closest style I could find was this pair. They are really flattering and have a big back pocket for the bigger booty! The brand is FRAME. Shoes I am obsessed with this brand! I love my sandals from years ago that I bought in Laguna Beach too. I only know of this store in Fort Collins selling them but you can snag 'em online. Pouf I will cover below in my post about my house!


Jean Shorts similar here, the brand BDG - love them! AND much less expensive that others I have purchased. Tee is from my favorite T shirt brand ever. I love all their styles.


Leggings and top are both from Athleta. I think the comfort is better than Lulu it is just not quite as flattering. The comfort is DEFINITELY there though.


Table I love this but want something bigger and more bold. I am waiting for a new rug to do this though! Rug is awesome, but I hate how there is no contrast in the room, and we got it for just $200 from LOWES. It does hide things well from the dog, however. Ladder is a find from a local antique store, but PRO TIP! Many antique stores have a ton of NON antiques and people just refurb things and sell them out of the antique stores! So you can find a ton of cute house stuff there for about 20% the cost of what you find in high end furniture stores that have the same stuff. The couch was our biggest splurge for our entire house and I regret nothing. It is basically 100% down and it is a sectional and we can change it up as each piece is separate. PRO TIP get the perennial fabric! It is soft but is made for outside, so dogs, wine, and kids can't harm it. The pouf was also from Restoration Hardware but we did get it on MAJOR sale, for like $200 ish and it is STILL ON SALE and comes in GREY! This is not a drill!! You need this. I am obsessed with that. Mirror was a steal as well, and every time I go to Homegoods I look at their mirrors because they have HUGE ONES on sale for under $100 quite often but they go fast. I don't have a link to that as it is old... but they have a great selection at least once per week. The tablecloth hanging on the ladder is actually a gift from Central America from my mother in law, so that I cannot help you out with but I have seen similar stuff at World Market. Pillows are from Target, my absolute favorite place besides Nordstrom, and the fake animal head wall hanging (or skull but that sounds creepy) is from there as well! 


These shorts are so CUTE and from Lemons and Lace in Fort Collins and this tank is definitely a leisurely wear... I got it at Soul Cycle in Houston!


These might be the only flattering white leggings I have ever worn (still touch and go if you don't wear a long shirt and you are over the age of 20). And these Roshes from Nike are SO cute because they have a grey/purple in them that looks good with everything.

I linked these leggings above but these SHOES are soooo cute and light weight! I love green everything (if you didn't catch on to this by now). 

As I mentioned, let me know if you have ANY questions about the posts above or items I may have forgotten to mention! I hope you have a fabulous LAST DAY of March!

Thanks for reading,


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