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8 Tips for Your Blog Photo Shoot from a Brand New Blogger

8 Tips for Your Blog Photo Shoot from a Brand New Blogger

When I decided to start blogging I think I had temporary amnesia around the fact that I would have to actually pose and have photo shoots dedicated to me. Being that I am an insane perfectionist, choosing pictures of myself is probably the worst form of torture I can think of. Not only do I get a temporary wave of anxiety that I look different on camera (and that must mean to others!) than I thought I did, but I also overly examine every wrinkle, curve, and freckle. This is seriously painful. Not to mention, I am probably the worst person on camera that I know! I work at a digital marketing agency that specializes in photography and video for the web and I constantly am dodging the camera and requesting to be left out of footage for events, clients, you name it. [Not so] long story short, I hate every picture (and video) of myself. So I thought I would write some things down that REALLY helped me when shooting for my website - self-critics rejoice!

Sweater /  Hey Day   Couch /  Restoration Hardware    

Sweater / Hey Day 
Couch / Restoration Hardware


TIP #1 || Choose your poses in advance

Do you follow a blogger that you LOVE? Check out their poses ahead of time and have a list of poses that you want to use so you don't have to think on the spot about how to look natural in the most UNNATURAL situation of all time. One of my favorite bloggers is Lauren Kay Sims and I used her for inspiration on a lot of my poses. 

TIP #2 || Choose your photographer wisely

For my very first blog shoot (and I have only done one, so obviously you'll want my expert advice) I chose the woman who did our family photos this Fall because she made me feel so natural & constantly had me laughing. While shooting for blogs is not her first focus, it was fun to learn together and review the shots and figure out what I like and what she sees through the lens. 

TIP #3 || Liquid courage is encouraged

Honestly, taking the edge off when you are an almost thirty-year-old who has always wanted to portray herself has having her "shit together" (SPOILER, I don't actually, but somehow I feel like I need people to think I do? Back to the perfectionism thing) but most definitely does not have her shit together in front of a camera is a must. I have never felt so self-conscious, and wine definitely does the trick. I figure if it works for karaoke bars, it can work for photo shoots. I was right.

Wine Glass / Z Gallerie

Wine Glass / Z Gallerie

TIP #4 || Put on the hot jams

You'll have way more fun if it isn't dead silent! Music relaxes you and makes you feel more like yourself. So, put on your favorite tunes and go with it. I blasted Camila Cabello, and OMGit's you babe, and I'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe, OK you get the point. Obsessed with her though. Show me one woman that doesn't like at least one of her songs and I will show you a woman who has zero fun.

TIP #5 || Don't use foundation with SPF

It makes you shiny! I have been in enough weddings to know this but I remembered it for the shoot and thought that it might not be common knowledge. Often times you are shooting in natural light and no one wants a greasy forehead.

TIP #6 || Try all of your outfits on beforehand

Do not rely on "these look cute together". I did that and hate a whole set of pictures because I didn't try them on in advance! So make sure to put everything on and stand in a full length mirror and make sure you like it and all the angles that go with it. 

Moroccan Pouf /  Restoration Hardware  Jeans & Shoes /  Lemons and Lace

Moroccan Pouf / Restoration Hardware
Jeans & Shoes / Lemons and Lace

TIP #7 || Brush your teeth before applying foundation

I do everything at 100... which can be problematic when it comes to brushing my teeth post makeup application. Not only do I get creases from brushing for three minutes and holding a wide awkward smiling face, but I don't exactly "stay in the lines" so to speak. So you know, just do that first. Floss too, though. Doing this after putting your makeup on when you're on a timeline will not work out well.

TIP #8 || Don't take yourself too seriously

At the end of the day, you are posing for a blog and people know that you are not a model. It takes time to get the exact look and angles you'll want, but the people who know you and follow you will know what stage you're at and won't (hopefully) judge you for it. This is not my professional career and I certainly don't have 8 hours to go back and forth on which degree my chin should be for looking optimally thin, and that's OK. In 6 minutes, people will forget what they saw and be 45 more posts deep in their feed. Don't think about it more than the amount of seconds it will be seen by someone. 

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