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Protox or Notox? My Review on Botox®

Protox or Notox? My Review on Botox®

OKAY ya’ll, I am here to talk about the most controversial topic that has been on my blog to date: BOTOX. I had been ANTI Botox for SO LONG and when I started my blog, I was approached by a local med spa in Fort Collins about possibly doing Botox® in collaboration with them and sharing my real experience with my followers. This took months of thought. MONTHS. Because not only had I not been interested in it initially, but my husband was VERY NOTOX. Like, absolutely NOTOX.

Getting educated was the first step

The thing is, is that almost all of my friends have had Botox and love it. LOVE it. And I never really thought I needed it until right before I was approached, when I started noticing prevalent forehead wrinkles coming in and a nice little vertical line between my eyebrows. OH AND THE CROWS FEET. Those are one thing that I seriously had issues with for awhile, but I figured that Botox was just for foreheads or something. Or maybe for lips. Which I do have wrinkles from repetitive use of straws and biting my mouth (horrible habit) but I refuse to do anything around my mouth because I feel like it is always obvious, probably another misconception - OK now I am off topic. See, my husband and I had a perspective initially of Botox being what you see ALL over the internet in people who look like they can’t move their faces, they can’t genuinely smile, their lips are over-sized and look like they could pop. What I learned after doing a LOT of research on my own first, is that I was thinking of Botox as fillers, rather than what it actually was.

Partnering with a local Med Spa who had aligning values

So, I decided to meet with Facetté Med Spa here in Fort Collins. First of all, it is a female owned company, three owners who totally rock. Amanda, who is one of the owners, took me out for happy hour and we talked about the opportunities of working together. She quickly realized I had no clue about basically anything regarding skin care, facials, Botox, the list goes on, and took some time to educate me. When she first said that the goal of Facetté was to help people age gracefully, and to maintain their beauty as it is as they age, I was intrigued. I did not want to look different, but I don’t want my wrinkles getting deeper or more prominent at the rate that I felt they were.

Getting the hubby on board

We continued to talk and I decided this was something I wanted to give a shot, but I had to convince my hubby. This was not as easy, because he had the same idea that I had about Botox prior to meeting with Amanda and Facetté. He loves my natural beauty and does not want my face to change. We are talking about a guy who was FIERCELY vocal about hating my eyelash extensions. He really does not like me changing ANYTHING about my appearance, which i should be thankful for. He loves me for me, how I am naturally. But, my argument to him was that I won’t look different, I will actually remain exactly how I look now for longer if I begin a regimen of Botox periodically with the right treatment amount.

Long story short, it was a challenge and we did not end up on the same page. I felt controlled, and he felt like he married me a certain way and it wasn’t fair I was changing that. The thing is, is that I have always been this way, Botox just wasn’t something you consider at 22 or often times 25. Or even 28. I have always spray tanned, bleached my hair, worked out, whitened my teeth, worn makeup, had my nails done… I like to feel beautiful and I like those things. I microbladed my eyebrows - which was scary at first but then changed quite a bit and they are phenomenal now and he likes them. But anyway, those things make me feel confident. Call me vain, or call me resourceful, whatever - I know what I need to do to have confidence and I need confidence in all that I do in my career, as a wife, parent etc. so I do it. Having wrinkles was seriously cramping my confidence (and still does! Ugh I hate putting foundation on and immediately having that line between my brows. It KILLS me. Bah.) so I decided to go for it.

The decision was made; Botox here I come

At the end of the day, I am pro choice because it is a woman’s right to choose. Argue this with me all day I will never budge. And with Botox it is the same thing in my mind, I feel as though no one should tell me what to do with my body. Because this was a collaboration with Facetté I did not spend money on the treatment, they covered it so I could give a real review on the experience and results, so it wasn’t a monetary discussion. And I do regret not coming to a common ground before moving forward with the procedure, that was a bad wife move. But my husband being the man that he is, forgave me for going through with it, and I believe sees my perspective while he doesn’t agree that I need or should get Botox. He also didn’t notice that I got Botox until I told him. So that was something worth noting: it is not immediate and is not that intense unless you go WAY OVERBOARD.

A big takeaway… Always get your partner on board first

With some marriage counseling and hard work through that period of time, where he felt betrayed and I felt controlled, we did come to a common ground and grew closer from the experience. But man, that was the hardest season of our marriage. I personally think he would have never noticed but I do not hide things from my husband so I did tell him that I went through with it. FUTURE ADVICE: EITHER TELL THEM AHEAD OF TIME IF THEY DO CARE - ASK IF YOU DON’T KNOW, AND IF THEY DON’T CARE, DON’T EVEN BRING IT UP!

OK so now that that background on the decision / timeline / education is over, I wanted to get to the nitty gritty! WHAT DID I THINK OF IT?


Well, to really answer this I wanted to gather insight from my Instagram followers. Because I do feel like there is a stigma around Botox, but what I found, is that MOST WOMEN are “PRO” Botox OR they are “ANTI” Botox because they are misinformed or scared of needles, while there are a few that have good reasons for being “ANTI” Botox. So I listened to all the feedback and then did an Instagram story (you can find this under beauty highlights on my Instagram account) to address all of the responses I got that were against it.



So, without fully repeating myself I am going to give you the things you should know / my experience in a list for ease of reading purposes.

It is easy to fit into your day

It goes FAST. As in, you can be in and out in about 10 minutes. The thing I loved about Facetté is that they would take the time for you to go and have an educational consultation before moving forward with it! But when it came down to the procedure, it was ridiculously fast.

No thanks on Groupon Botox

I fully recommend going to a registered nurse or licensed aesthetician and would NOT recommend Botox on Groupon or some deals site. That scares me.

Go to someone you trust and the vibe you get matters

I FULLY RECOMMEND Facette if you are local in Fort Collins. They took SO MUCH TIME to educate me and were happy to schedule education only appointments on their dime just so that I could be fully comfortable with the procedure and what was going into my body.

Don’t work out for four hours post Botox

Make sure you don’t work out at least four hours after the procedure. It takes that long for the Botox to attach to the receptor sites.

Botox is FDA approved

Botox is FDA approved as of Fall of 2017 to treat wrinkles in the forehead and crows feet area. Botox is also a protein (I didn’t know this) and it is not permanent! It goes away within 3-4 months. I have had mine for 3 months and I started to notice it wearing off about one week ago, but we went VERY conservative on my first treatment because I was super scared of how it would look. Botox is made with botulinum toxin, which is a purified substance derived from bacteria. And if you are thinking that it is poisonous, well, it is no more poisonous than all things we are warned about from deodorant to sunscreen to canned foods - I am no caveman, I do wear deodorant and eat processed foods from time to time, and Botox is no more poisonous than the spray tan I get or the hair dye I use. Sorry it just isn’t. And I cannot live in a bubble.

Give it a few days to kick in

It does not work immediately. You will notice it starts working within 3 days and then within 7-10 it should have it’s full effect in place.

It reminds you to cool your jets

You can feel it tightening consistently in my opinion after about one week and it reminds you not to make expressions that would cause wrinkles but it does not actually keep you from being able to make expressions unless you overdo it. Honestly I have the worst RBF ever so it was a nice reminder to smile.

Crows feet be gone

It really improved and almost totally eliminated the appearance of ANY crows feet, forehead wrinkles and it totally eliminated the wrinkle I was getting between my eyebrows until this week, about 3 months later.

No pain, yes gain

It did NOT HURT! I have been microbladed as I mentioned, have had a lot of shots in my mouth for dental work, had a Brazilian before, have been LASERED in my armpits and bikini line, you name it. All of those have sucked. This did not, it was a walk in the park. Microblading hurts the most FYI. I would rather have another child.

Age beautifully, without changing how you look TODAY

Botox just preserves your natural appearance, seriously! It softens the lines, it does not make you look SURPRISED or EXCITED or even mad… I love how my makeup is going on smoother and my skin looks smoother. I feel SO much better about my skin.

Before you hate on it, appreciate what else it is doing

Botox is being used to cure a plethora of ailments, like migraines, lazy eye, neck spams and more. It is also the most common medical procedure in the world. People with excessively sweaty armpits or palms can use Botox to eliminate the embarrassment of constantly being soaking wet. And seriously, the fact that it helps with migraines… WOW. As someone who gets them, that alone would be cause to get it.

What you teach those around you has nothing to do with Botox

As a coach, mother, and mentor to a lot of younger people, I of course considered this before moving forward with not only getting Botox but collaborating with a local med spa because that would mean I have to document it. I always want to make sure that I am setting the absolute best example for youth around me and who look up to me. I think the best example you can set comes from HOW you treat people and HOW you talk about yourself. I am confident, I am caring and I am a hard worker. I do not think that ANYTHING someone does defines who they are as a person. I do not judge people for tattoos, I do not judge people for piercings, and I especially don’t promote ANYONE to do ANYTHING that they aren’t old enough to do or that would be unhealthy to them.

So that is why I believe that when you are an adult, on your own dime paying for your own things, you should be able to make decisions that are educated about your body and you should do it with confidence. Know the facts first. Things about things at length before doing them. Make sure they align with your values. And once you have done all of those things, you can make those decisions. But until then, be weary of jumping on any bandwagon or doing anything just because others do it. I have never been that way and I love that I make my own decisions with the right timing for ME.

Final thoughts on the topic…

If you made it here… WOW. Amazing skimming skills. I am not going to lie that was a MOUTHFUL! Or keyboard full, or whatever. You know what I mean. I will definitely get Botox again, I love the ladies at Facetté and what they stand for, and I truly have improved confidence in my appearance post treatment. I recommend it to anyone who is really struggling with their appearance changing with age emotionally. If you are impartial OR you are loving your earned wrinkles, by all means you do you and more power to you for having unwavering confidence! But if you are finding it is a struggle for you, stop wasting emotional energy on it and take care of it with Facetté or your local med spa.


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