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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

I don't love Valentine's Day, but I am also not "ANTI" Valentine's Day like so many people I know. Of course I love my husband every day, but a day to be extra focused on each other isn't exactly a bad thing, especially during the hustle and bustle that is this time of year. Camryn is in full on competition season for cheer, I am just wrapping up my competitive cheer season as a coach (I literally get back the day before Valentine's Day, so it is on the heels of complete chaos), and it just feels like one of the craziest times of the year for us. 

Being that I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I have already scoped out everything pink and cute and NECESSARY for this time of year that you might not already have. Rather than awkwardly accept the rancid perfume or overly large assortment of chocolates you feel bad about eating, share this gift guide with your husband and tell him which numbers you like. I tried to make it easy, click the link and buy. 


1. The Leigh Faux Leather Tote & Zip Pouch from Nordstrom caught my eye because I always love a good tote, it comes with a matching wristlet, and is structured enough to be a laptop bag or a baby bag, but could also be a fashionable alternative to and from the gym. 

2. THESE. LEGGINGS. I have them in olive green and they are to die for. They come in 15 colors so if this Earth/Earth Glossy color isn't for you, I am sure one of the others will be. These are a great athleisure find. 

3. The only coffee mug that never leaks. I have tried so many travel coffee mugs and this one literally NEVER LEAKS. EVER. I love this color and want it. But it comes in about 10 others.

4. Design your own candy bento box. First of all, who doesn't love bento boxes. Second of all, how cute is it that you can select 9 different types of candy for your significant other? 

5. Real roses that last a year. I repeat, REAL roses that last an entire year. These are literally SO cute for an office, bookshelf, coffee table, entry table, bedside table, you name it. They really do last for a year. There are also over 26 colors of roses and arrangements up to 120 roses if you're really looking to splurge. I am obsessed with these and have two arrangements in my house. And they have actually lasted longer than a year and smell fresh cut. I cannot rave about these enough.

6. Ugg Slippers. I don't have these but I really want them. My husband's Ugg slippers are a daily necessity since I got them for him for Christmas, so I feel like I should probably make the investment.

7. THE MOST ADORABLE CARRY ON EVER. WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT. There is a USB charger built in and it is SO GORGEOUS! I NEED this in every size. This is definitely my biggest want on the wishlist.

8. The best smelling perfume from Sephora. I haven't found one I have loved in a really long time, and when Kevin got me this one I fell in love! It is amazing. I wear it every single day. 

9. Gorgeous highlighter palette from Huda Beauty.  So far everything Huda that I have I really like, and this is on my wishlist this year because you can never have enough highlighter palettes! That, and I haven't loved my Becca one recently... Sorry Chrissy Teigen, kinda missed the mark on that one.

10. The most versatile necklace that stacks and comes in over 50 colors by Kendra Scott is a great choice because you can wear it every single day and it is really affordable. There are bracelets and earrings in this style as well if you're in to the whole matchy matchy thing (not so much for me).

11. Olive everything would be my choice if I could walk around without looking like an asparagus, so I love these Adidas. They would be really cute with the leggings too... or with anything basically. I love these colors with neutrals and they are a perfect feminine color combo that screams Valentine's day gift.

I hope you like what I've put together, please share this with anyone who you think may like the finds! As always, thanks so much for reading. I hope you get showered with love (or gifts, even if it means buying them yourself) this Valentine's Day.


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