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Guilt Worthy 2 Ingredient Queso

Guilt Worthy 2 Ingredient Queso

Anyone that knows me knows that I am basically the cheese dip connoisseur. Being from Houston Texas, it is really hard to compare anything in Colorado to a decent bowl of queso in the South. But, that being said, I definitely have a few recommendations here in Colorado. I also am a fan of anything that takes literally 4 minutes to prepare because I have two jobs, a kiddo, a husband... you get the point. Girl is busy. 

Side note, I will mention my favorite restaurants that have killer cheese dip at the end.

While the restaurants I've found with good queso are pretty fulfilling, I learned a 2 ingredient queso dip from my mother-in-law that is so easy and so delicious I truly need to share it with everyone! I can get my fix in without going out, and even though it isn't Houston queso, it's pretty dang good. It's also a football Sunday favorite, and the SuperBowl is just around the corner...



First ingredient

Good old fashioned full fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Oh yes, the full fat kind. I know I should probably be very concerned about full fat anything being that I am approaching thirty, but I just feel like this is a go hard or go home topic. 


Second (and last! yay!) ingredient

Full fat Hormel No Bean Chili. You might like the beans, I think it's weird with them. Also, I have tried the reduced fat and I have tried turkey chili. I have tried the 30% less fat cream cheese too. It tastes like cardboard and still has a ton of sodium and calories so, I say when you want to splurge, splurge. 


Put both of these ingredients (the whole can, and the whole package of cream cheese) in to a microwave safe dish and microwave for three minutes and then stir. That's it! Also, eat with Frito's (TRUST ME ON THIS, I ACTUALLY HATE FRITOS BUT YOU HAVE TO EAT THIS WITH FRITOS!). 

Voila! Two ingredient queso for those of you like me, call cheese the glue that holds your life together. :)

OK as promised:

Favorite Colorado restaurants with amazing cheese dip

  • Rio Grande (Go Deluxe! It'll change your life) located all over Colorado
  • Zquila (the chips! Omg!) in Fort Collins
  • Otra Vez Cantina on 16th street in Denver

These restaurants - like I mentioned, kind of have it down. I would say Otra Vez is the closest to Tex Mex queso... but my heart will forever be with Marco's or El Tiempo in Houston, TX.

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