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The three skincare products I cannot live without

The three skincare products I cannot live without

The age of Botox and dermal fillers are here, and with that comes an array of overpriced and “life changing” products that companies sell because we are desperate to preserve our youthful skin. As a high school coach, I live in this limbo between getting offended when the ticket takers think I’m a student, but also lacking some kind of gratification when they don’t.  I personally would KILL to Botox my forehead and crows feet but my husband has given me a hard no on that, and being that the only other thing he has ever hated are lash extensions, I try to respect his wishes when it comes to my face or changing it in any way. It doesn’t mean I want to, but he’s not exactly growing his ponytail back so I oblige.

While I have spent a lot of money on products that do not work, I’ve found three that I truly love and wanted to share with you all 🙌🏼.

Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask 


This mask is a game changer. I didn’t know my face could look so bright without makeup as it does when I’m finished with this mask (and the next morning). It is SO hydrating and smells amazing... Also I feel like I look younger for like a week after using it whether or not that’s true, so that is reason enough to indulge. Tatcha puts a lot of money in to young women and literacy and just funded their millionth day of education for young women, so there’s also that. And THAT is amazing to me. I feel like every company should be doing something like that. Okay, off my short soapbox...

Osmosis Gentle Cleanser


Okay guys this brand is everything. You do have to get it from a spa or aesthetician however - so worth it!! This cleanser has literally cleared my acne (when I use it / anything that takes daily use I am horrible about unless it’s brushing my teeth and probably why I have a IUD but that’s both TMI and a whole other conversation) and my husbands when he uses it as well. There’s also this amazing rescue serum that smells like poop but has helped with my age spots as scarring and the SPF30 sunscreen they sell has been a really good one for my face daily as well. The spa I found this originally from was in Nakoma resort in California and my aesthetician Aimee was phenomenal, but that’s a story for another day.

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads 


These are my lazy night solution when I really don’t want to wash my face, and I knowwww they’re not supposed to be used for that but you guys, sometimes it’s just nice to be lazy. By sometimes I mean all the time. But I love the feeling after using these before I moisturize and ideally you should wash your face and then use these, and then moisturize! When I’m lazy I also use the exfoliating charcoal face wipes from Sephora. These also give me life (or good skin, whatever).

My skin is by no means amazing so don’t take my word for it, try the products out yourself and let me know what you think! I’d also love to know your go-to products. Comment below!

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