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Convenient storage for your high heels & hats

Convenient storage for your high heels & hats

Storage for heels, boots and hats has always been a problem for me. We have tried everything and nothing is “out of the way”, convenient, or keeps my heels in good condition. I honestly don’t wear heels all that often, but from time to time I do need them and don’t want to purge and get rid of them only to buy more next time I need a pair for work. 

Let me first say we have spent thousands of dollars on a custom closet that supposedly accommodated high heels from The Container Store. To save you the anxiety I won’t post a picture of that until my closet is organized, but essentially the “heel” drawers don’t work for your booties or heels with high coverage around the ankle (like these) 


Side note: These are Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry & I’m obsessed with them. 


Anyway, I started following this blogger Style the Girl and in one of her Instagram stories I saw that she had her shoes simply organized on her wall! She told me that she bought towel racks from Walmart for literally $6/piece... 

And if you know me, I’m impulsive and don’t think things through, and also HAD to get this done a day Kevin wasn’t home so I figured it out for myself. 

Before you try this at home... 

I have already been through this process of installing so let me give you some tips before you try this at home... mostly so you’ll say less cuss words and possibly make less mistakes than I did :)

  • Make sure to measure the wall you want to use, and also make sure you order the correct width of towel racks!  Important!! The towel rack size online is the hanging space size. Some (like the one I ordered) are actually an additional 1-2” wider depending on the style!
  • You need drywall anchors. I tried without... and it was a failure. 
  • You need a charged electric drill with a small enough drill bit, and you need to know how to change the drill bit if you don’t have a small one in the drill... (my neighbors rescued me because I did not know how to change mine and I couldn’t possibly wait for Kevin to get home. I have zero patience)
  • You need to start from the bottom up! Hang the first rack where you want your lowest one to be so you don’t have heels awkwardly touching the ground when you get to your last rack. Bottoms up, ladies!
  • Don’t eye it, use a tape measure and leveler. Mine are hung 9.5” apart from each other and I think 10”  would have been better. I wear a size 8.5 in women’s shoes so if you wear a smaller or bigger size, change width accordingly.
  • If there are two holes on either side of your towel rack (or more!) drill the outside holes in on either side first, and then the insides. It took me until rack 3 to get this right and it saved me a lot of time for the last two. 
  • Measure and put all anchors on BEFORE you secure the screw and towel rack on any sides.  
  • For the hats, I literally just put four long nails in the wall and made sure the hats overlapped so it looked a bit more decor like and didn’t give me symmetry anxiety. 

Drumroll please...


This can be done in a walk-in closet if you don’t want shoes in your bedroom, but like I said, we have a fully installed closet solution so we had no room. Write in the comments below if you have any questions! This took me 1.5 hours and I LOVE it! 

Happy organizing! 


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