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Beyond Yoga Brand

Beyond Yoga Brand

The brand

Beyond Yoga is an athleisure brand that you can definitely wear outside of your workout class. It is actually designed for you to wear day to day or in the gym or studio. It is owned by two amazing women, one who is all about body positivity and the other who came from the fashion world and had a passion for workout wear. So right there is a reason to support the brand if you're a borderline feminist like myself (unless it is time to shovel the driveway, in which case I am not). 

This brand gives back! Remember when TOMS® kind of pioneered the whole "do something for yourself and feel good because you're also doing for others" with their one for one™ campaign? Thank god for that because brands everywhere have opened their eyes to everything going on in our world and are working to make it a better place little by little. Beyond Yoga actually created a charity called Moms for Moms where they make monetary contributions to charities supporting underprivileged mothers every time a Beyond the Bump (their maternity line) is purchased. AND they support expecting mothers in Haiti... both causes resonate with me, so they've won me over.

The leggings

OK - the leggings! These are by far my favorite leggings EVER! Step aside Lulu, this brand has the comfort and fit down perfectly. And they are SO LONG! Tall ladies - I don't even know your struggle because I am 5'7" and a lot of pants do not rung long enough for me. I am going to speak to the high waisted leggings because that is what I have and LOVE. I am going to do a shoot soon and I am going to show you these compared to a few other brands but for now, I will link the photos from the website so you can see my favorite styles :)

More than the amazing fit is how flattering they are AND how soft they are. These leggings feel like a true second skin. I am not just blowing them up because they're dark green - they are the absolute best leggings I have ever worn. And they're made in the USA.

These styles are on sale for $23

Spacedye Long Legging

Not a high waisted style, but high waisted is not for everyone.

Take Me Higher Long Legging

This is not the spacedye material (meaning not marled) but it is the same fit and style as the leggings I have and they're amazing.

I definitely recommend you ditch what you're comfortable with and give Beyond Yoga a try. I think you'll be amazed with the fit and your confidence in the brand. If you live in Fort Collins, Lemons and Lace and Pure Barre both carry the brand so you can try it on and buy it locally. 

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