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About Nikki

Mom, wife, senior marketing director, high school head cheerleading coach, and now blogger. 

It all started when...

A few years ago, I began following tens of hundreds of bloggers and loved their content. From beauty to home, to life and style, to parenting, I loved it all. I mean, why reinvent the wheel if others before me have perfectly created it? I appreciated advice and experience of women who I admire and truly enjoyed reading through it each morning while drinking coffee, before the rest of the world was buzzing around me.


After some time, I  found that I always had something to add. I joined Facebook groups and subscribed to blogs time and time again and finally realized, if I am so engaged with these amazing women, it is possible that others might benefit from my life experience. So here I am, sharing my trials and errors, of all facets of my life. And maybe it won't be helpful to you, and maybe it will be! But it certainly is therapeutic for me to share it all with you either way. So why not take a risk, and be myself - and possibly connect with amazing women who inspire me in the process? 

Life, beauty & style

From one boss lady to another

Cheers to 2018, and this new mindset going in to my thirties: Care less about what others think, and more about how I can help them. Prioritize myself, so that I can have the energy to prioritize others. Be open minded, and have a heart full of gratitude. 

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